SJV-14 SJV-15

Silogården’s Jixxa

Born: 2014-02-23
Father: A’Yago Du Murier De Sordeille
Mother: Silogården’s Fanny
Reg. nr: SE22929/2014

Hips: A/A
Elbows: 0/0

Height: 66cm
Weight: 33kg

Mentality: Completed MH, gunshot 1
Show results: HP, BOB puppy Breed special in Askersund 2014, Excellent, CK
Competition results:

Jixxa is a very happy and joyful girl who thinks that EVERYBODY loves her! She is very open and social and a very curious female. Everything must be checked out and I have still not, at 14 months age, seen any fears. Jixxa has a very nice object interest and a really good tug which I like. She has will-to-please and wants to work, too bad that her mummy is a bit too lazy… She will do her MH (Swedish mentality description), it was planned for March but she went into heat 4 days before that….

So far I am very pleased with the whole J litter and they seem to be very evenly tempered with a really good working spirit.

When Jixxa was 15 months we went to France, to the big breed special (National d’Elevage) which is held once every year. There Jixxa did a herding ability test (CANT) and she got Excellent and also praise from the judge Michel Picard.

At 18 months age she did an unofficial herding ability test here in Sweden, judged by Canadian Lynn Leach. The result was:
Natural ability: Lots of natural INSTINCT – 3 points
Interest: TONS of Interest – must settle a bit – 3 points
Mental endurance: No loss of interest seen at all – 3 points

Ankie had to step in and handle Jixxa instead of Lynn since Jixxa needs a stronger leader!

”Super nice dog! I love her drive & instinct. Have a good handler help you get started & she will have a long & super herding career / Lynn Leach”

It was so much fun doing this test and I am very happy that Lynn liked both Jixxa and Hejja. Jixxa had tried herding 4 times before, including that time in France, so she is anything but experienced.

Jixxa reminds me a lot of Figo which pleases me a lot. She is the largest female in the litter, with her 66 cm but I find her very agile anyway. We have started doing some tracking and also obedience. During spring and summer I hope there willl be more training for us.