Hejja de La Cité des Comtes

Date of birth: 2012-04-22 in France
Father: Ultimo des Assiers
Mother: Era’Tatouille de La Cité des Comtes
Reg. no: SE50713/2012

Hips: HD B
Elbows: 0

Height: 67 cm
Weight: 35 kg

Mentality: MH, gun shot 1. Approved morphology for ”Korning”
Show: Excellent, CK, CAC
Competitions: Rally obedience novice class.
Unofficial herding test August 2015, judged by Canadian Lynn Leach. Hejja got 7 points out of a total of 9 points. This was her second time trying out herding!
Service dog: Military patrol dog

Co-owned with Karin Kärnhagen

Hejja is long awaited dog, I had been looking for a new female for a long time! Hejja is a female imported from Stephanie Brossais in France and I’m so happy I found her! Hejja and her littermates were ALL very happy puppies and we were so pleased with what we saw! To pick out Hejja was not easy but with a great help from Stephanie it was not so hard! We also brought a brother of Hejja with us home – Hazzo! He was a lovely puppy! Hazzo lives with Lotta here in Sweden.

The plan was all along that Hejja would live with Karin and we would co-own her.

Hejja is a very happy dog and she just loves everybody. She is alert and positive. Hejja is a very kind female who gets along well with most other female dogs, she gets along great with both Jixxa and Axi and also with my cats, even though Hejja is not at all used to cats but she is just the kindest soul!

She has a good object interest and has developed her social tugging skills this last year, when she’s also matured a lot. I am very much looking forward to her doing MT (Swedish mentality test)!

Hejja is a military service dog (patrol dog) and she has taken over after Athena (Axis half sister) in the SWAT team and is accompanying the police in real life situations, searching for missing persons. Hejja and Karin participates in a number of military exercises every year.

In August 2015 Hejja did an unofficial herding ability test on sheep, this was her second time trying out herding. It was judged by Canadian Lynn Leach who wrote:
Natural ability: Good, a little insecure but experience will help – 2p
Interest: Lots of interest! –  3 p
Mental endurance: Tired after a while but it were hot ( det var en mycket varm dag!) – 2 p.

”Nice dog! Willing to take directions yet independent & made good decisions! / Lynn Leach”

Hejja got a total of 7 points out of 9 possible!

Hejja & Hazzo did the Swedish MH (a form of mentality test for younger dogs), they both did a great test and they are both gunproofed! They are also both x-rayed with Dys B/B and ED 0.

Hejja has received Excellent and CQ in dogshows and Hazzo Excellent, CQ, CACIB & BOB.

In June 2016 Hejja had her first litter, with Silogården’s Igor. 12 puppies were born, this will be the M litter.